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Sorrento is the most famous resort on the coast and is surrounded by lemon and olive trees. The Roman city was built on the remains of the Greek one and part of the Greek defensive walls are still visible. The main point of life is Piazza Tasso which takes its name from the poet Tasso who wrote the Gerusalemme Liberata. The famous song "Torna a Surriento", written by Gianbattista De Curtis, was composed on the terrace of the Imperial Hotel Tramontano, which gave birth to Tasso in 1544. The Cloister of San Francesco, near the church of the same name dated 1700, is part of the monastery. It consists of crossed arches in tufa and in summer it is the theater of musical events. The Basilica of Sant'Antonino, the Church of the Rosary, the Church of Carmine, the Church of the Servants of Mary and the Cathedral are the heart of Catholic life. The Sedil Dominava is the seat of the ancient noble seats. It has two lava stone arches, the walls with splendid frescoes and a dome covered with yellow and green majolica. The Museo Correale di Terranova was born from a private foundation commissioned by the Correale brothers. There are permanent displays of 18th-century paintings and furnishings, 19th-century Italian and European clocks, Italian and foreign majolica from the 17th and 18th centuries, Sorrento inlays, an 18th-century Italian and foreign archaeological section and porcelains. The hotel has a free shuttle service until late afternoon (except Sundays).

Sorrento is easily reachable also by bus. The bus stop is right outside the hotel entrance. The journey takes about 10 minutes and the service is regular.